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Sports Camp

June 5th - June 9th, 2017


Sports Camp is a free event hosted by Owasso First Assembly for kids finishing grades Kindergarten through 5th grade. Kids will enjoy a week of fun and sports training , while also learning Biblical principles that apply on the field and in life. Each child can choose one of the following sports to participate in during the week; soccer, cheer, basketball, and football.

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Sports Camp Volunteers

June 5th - June 9th, 2017

Join the team and help us make OTown Kids Sports Camp the best week of a child's summer. There are multiple areas to serve in, so please take a look at the descriptions below to find your perfect fit before you register.

Thanks again!

Sports Coach:

In charge of facilitating sports training for an individual sport. Must have experience playing and/or coaching said sport.

Small Group Leader:

The largest quantity of volunteers will be needed in this role. They will lead a small group of 5-10 kids throughout the week by cheering them on, leading them in short, provided devotionals, and making sure each child has a great experience. SG Leaders will be involved with a specific sport but helping with coaching is optional. Must be a mature believer, comfortable sharing and praying with kids.

Snack Team:

Preparing and serving daily snacks to hungry kids.


Medically trained and prepared to help if a child were sick or injured.

Media Team:

Serving in the media booth during services as well as capturing photos/video throughout the event.

Volunteer Nursery Care:

Caring for nursery age kids who's parents are serving in various roles during the event.

Joy fellowship

Joy Fellowship - Pawnee Bill Ranch Wild West Show

June 10th, 2017


Join the Joy Fellowship group as we travel to Pawnee, Oklahoma for an exciting trip back to the Old West.

This trip will include transportation, dinner, and a ring side seat for the Wild West Show.

We will board the people mover at 3:30pm and return home around 10:15pm.